Summer time memories .................

I grew up in a tiny little town.  The kind of town you could walk from one end to the other and not be winded.

Some people may say there was nothing to do in that little town.

But my friends and I knew better.  There was  magic on Main Street.

There was a library.

There was a family joke that you could set me down on a sofa ... hand me a stack of books, magazine or cereal boxes and I would sit quietly and read.  I read my father's veterinarian journals and my mother's Ladies Home Journal.  I read Cheerio boxes and Grape-Nuts boxes.  I read the U.S Constitution. I read junk mail.  I read anything I could get my hands on.

I read Bobbsey Twins books .... I read Nancy Drew.  I read Cherry Ames when I wanted to be a nurse.  I read Donna Parker and had no desire to be a detective.

I read how to keep my gloves white (in my case, never ever wear them!!) and how to walk in high heels (left, right, left, right)

I read books about cats and historical novels.  I swear I must have worn out the copy of Gone with the Wind ... I read it soooo many time!  And I made my first home-made pizza from a recipe I found at the library.

Clarence doesn't have a real library.  They have a small cottage where books are shuffled around because there isn't enough space to display all the books.  There is no meeting room.  And handicapped accessibility is limited.

State and Federal funds are limited in this tight economy.  So it is up to us to step up and help with this project.

Miss Effie's Annual Ice Cream Social is the perfect opportunity for you to help.  Home-made ice cream ... home -made cake.  And yes, French Silk Chocolate ice cream and the all time favorite, carrot cake will be there!  Your donations will make a difference!

Stop by the farm on Sunday 7/22 from 12-4. Visit with Cynthia and look over her yarns and fiber.  Tamara will have 10 of her little cute goats for your cuddling fix and fantastic fudge for your chocolate fix.  Julie is filling her booth with art pieces, antique finds and garage sale goodies.  Connie will be selling fresh blackberries and home-grown tomatoes.  And Kathy will be selling her home-grown, hand milled flour and freshly baked breads .... along with her jams,  jellies and yarn.

So ....... stop by and meet the library board as you enjoy some ice cream.  Let them tell you about a small town's hopes and dreams and how you can help make it happen.

And if you can't make it .... you can send a check made out to the Clarence Library Fundraiser. 
Mail it to:

Miss Effie's
27387 130th Ave
Donahue IA 52746

A child and his imagination thanks you for your generosity.


Ginny said…
What a special event!! Just got my copy of The Country Life?, not sure if that is the name and saw your U-Pick It story!!
Michelle said…
Me, too (to Ginny's comment)!!! I waved the magazine in front of my husband's face and said, "I follow her blog!" (He doesn't get the whole blogging thing, so he wasn't impressed.) Three WOOTs for Miss Effie's!
Miss Effie said…
Thank you to both of you!!! It was a fun day ... they shot the photos over a year ago. And the photographer has been nominated twice for Pulitzers. Like being photographed by someone with his ability!
April S. said…
Found you from the magazine article - I now have something to do when I come visit family near you, ha! Love your story about reading when you were a kid - totally describes my daughter and I with the reading obsession. :)

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