Classing up the joint!

I got a new sign!!!

And now ... for the story of how it has taken a village ... or at least, a whole lot of people ... to get that new sign!!

Last fall, my favorite sign maker asked if I would be willing to teach classes as a fundraiser for the new Clarence library.  My favorite sign maker offered to paint me a new sign.

To replace this one.

Hand-painted by moi' over 11 seasons ago.  Worn ....chipped .... hidden by flowers ..... and not quite the look I want now.

So it started with the desire to have a turned post.  Honey and I found the post and intern Kelly got to paint it.  Painting is not Kelly's favorite thing to do.  But she cheerfully did it .... as Kelly does everything cheerfully!

Miss. That. Girl.  (And she has only been gone a week!)

Then we were out flea-marketing over 4th of July weekend and found the awesome bracket at Barb's booth.

The bracket had the same feel as the bracket on the Summer Kitchen's sign.

That bracket originally held my father's and my great-grandfather's signs.  So I really wanted the same feel and charm.

But the bracket I bought needed a little cleaning up!  Honey and I had planned to do it .. steel wool and elbow grease.  But then Man Child came to the rescue and sand-blasted it for us!  A little paint ... and the new bracket was ready to go!

Then the fabulous Jen went to work on the sign that Honey constructed.  And hung.  And made level and straight and plumb.

And to say that I love it ..... is an understatement.

My old sign .... the hedge posts .... are history.  Well, not the hedge posts.  Hedge posts are never history.  They last forever.  But my old sign is gone.

So eight people had their hands in my little sign.

I owe the Clarence Library Board lot more classes!!!!!


Kelly said…
Simply perfect!!! And I love the story that goes with it a bit more than I do the sign.
Zan Asha said…
Love the new SIGN!! AND, the fact that so many people and so much love went into the completing of it :)

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