Deep sigh ...................

September is slowly creeping up on me. 

I don't even have to look at the calendar to know that fall is around the corner.

Suddenly, the farm is quiet. 

Oh .... I have beautiful flowers.  Actually, I think the flowers become richer and prettier in the fall .... their colors more vibrant .... their blooms more plentiful.

My summer interns have left the farm.

My fridge is full of eggs.

The children that chase and cuddle the kittens all summer, are back in school.  Yoda Jo is looking to me for attention.

But suddenly, I can briefly take a breath and think.  That's not to say that we aren't busy.

In the next three weeks, we are hosting a Girl Scout troop, a senior retirement home and an ag marketing association meeting. I am teaching 4 classes and participating in a Q & A panel at the Mid-America Homesteading Conference. I teach  Salsa Camp class at Scott Community College.

We have a bridal brunch with 30 women as they cut flowers for a wedding ..... and we are hosting a wedding with a 100 guests.

Somewhere in there, I am one of the organizers for the North Scott Farm Crawl on Sept 9th .....and we are having 7 guest vendors and hopefully, about 400 visitors to the farm.

And those 20 tomato plants that I put in late so the tomatoes would ripen later .... they are almost there!!!

Everywhere I look ... there is something to get done.

But the cooler mornings (not cooler temps!  I must be getting used to the 90+ heat ... I'm barely turning on fans!)  have refreshed my soul and brought me to planning for next year.

It is here I need your help and advice ........

When Honey and I started the farm, it was a way to have the lifestyle we wanted.  I could have my big vegetable garden and can and freeze and dry anything that didn't move!  I could knit all of our socks.  I could spin yarn galore.

Slowly, as we got busier, things had to go.  Housekeeping was the first sacrifice. ;) Then the veggie garden gave into farmers markets, produce stands and this year, a CSA. 

And then .... the other day .... Honey had to buy socks

That seems to have been the straw that broke this camel's back ..... and I got to thinking that something has got to change.

Sonya saw my frustration and brought up a brilliant idea.  She said that I needed a day off.

Say what????  A day off!  What a concept!

But I need your input .....  We are thinking about being closed on Wednesday.  All day.  Closed. So that means .... we would be closed Monday-Tuesday-Wednesday.  All day.

Photo ... compliments of The Farmers Table

However, to balance things out ..... what if we would be open every Thursday night until 8????  You can bring a picnic lunch .... hang out in the corn-zebo .... and really see the magic of the farm at sunset.  The flowers would love the late cutting time.  They would last much longer than when cut at the heat of the day. 

And Miss Eff's could truly be a family experience.

Comments???  Questions??? 


Michelle said…
Out here in Oregon I'm not close enough to visit, but your proposed new hours sound very appealing to me.
Zan Asha said…
Well, I'm in the same boat (though you keep tempting me to MOVE TO YOU), but I think that would work well.

I don't know, can you backtrack and see if you have A LOT of people usually coming on Wednesdays? If not, then why not just move everything to the schedule you propose? Sounds good to me!

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