Crawling with a superstar .........

This Sunday is the second annual North Scott Farm Crawl.

So as usual, I am hustling around the last moments trying to get all those loose ends tied up!

The list is long .... there is syrup to make for lemonade.  The Summer Kitchen needs to be dusted and cleaned.  I have bouquets to cut and make on Saturday.  Guest room needs to be cleaned and linens changed.  And the yard needs to be mowed and trimmed.

But it is all going to be worth it.

Cuz I get to hang with a superstar!

Yep ... my friend Deborah Niemann-Boehle is coming to the North Scott Farm Crawl!  Fresh off the Mid-America Homesteading Conference last Saturday and speaking at Will Allen's Growing Power Conference in Milwaukee this Friday ..... she is coming to Donahue!!!

Deborah and her husband Mike own Antiquity Oaks in Cornell, IL.  Deborah started teaching classes and speaking about homesteading several years ago and has been featured at the Mother Earth News Fairs in both Seattle and Pennsylvania.  Her first book, Homegrown and Handmade came out a year ago and later this month, her second book Ecothrifty will be released. And there is a third book on the way!!!!

Yes .... I did blatantly steal this photo from my friend Donna.  Deborah is the really tall gal in the center.  Really tall. Cuz I know Donna and I aren't that short! ;)

The cool thing about Deborah ... she has let some of us grab a hold of that superstar cape and come along for the ride.  I have been fortunate enough to teach at homesteading conferences that she organized.

That is truly the sign of a class act .... bringing everyone along for the ride!!! 

So Deborah will be hanging out ... signing books .... answering questions so stop by and see her.

And you will want to stop by cuz Miss Eff's is going to be a-hoppin'!!!!

We have the fabulous Dwarf Nigerian goats from Zen Goaties back again.

 Ridgeline Fiber Farm will be bringing some adorable English Angora bunnies.  (This is going to be hard .... I really want a bunny!)

Caden's Moon Alpaca will be selling homegrown and homespun alpaca yarn and fiber.  Seriously -- this is addiction-worthy yarn.  Ya got to get some of this beautiful stuff.  You don't have to knit it .... just touch, feel, caress.  It is that wonderful!!!

Smith Farms and the Little Red Hen will have her table full!  Kathy grows wheat and then grinds it to sell as flour, bakes bread, makes jam, and sells fiber and yarn from her Shetland sheep. 

We have Belinda Holbrook with her button bouquets, felted mittens and flower pounded cards.

Alisa Behrens will be demonstrating and selling her welded garden art.  Alisa has won several awards at the Iowa State Fair and has been nominated for a Herbert Hoover Uncommon Student award.  And she is 17.

Finally, we have Slow Foods Quad Cities selling fresh herb lemonades and tee-shirts!

The day is going to rock .... like our theme .... Local Foods Rock!

Five farms...... Behnke Poultry Triple Creek Dairy, Lost Grove Stables , Pride of the Wapsi  and of course, yours truly ..... Miss Eff's

Stop out and see us.  Park on the road because we will pick you up!  The event starts at 11 and ends at 4. (Pride of the Wapsi will be open from 2-7!)

Its going to be a great day!!!


Why can you not live closer to me? Why why why??? Otherwise I would so be at your farm craw, on my hands and knees.

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