When two worlds collide ........

This is the time of year that my two worlds whirl off their axis and I have no idea where I am going.

Yep ... it is that time that the education world hits the gardening world and tomatoes explode.  Or apples.  Or zucchini.  Or patty pan squash.

Whatever it is ...... there seems to be residue dripping all over the place.

I started out on September 1st speaking at the Mid America Homestead Conference in Joliet.  It was an amazing conference .... extremely well organized by my friend Deborah Niemann.

I know I am willing to go back next year.  And the conference may have a pre-conference canning fest!

Then we followed up a week later with the North Scott Farm Crawl.  It was a beautiful day with lots of great vendors and fun activities on the farm.

After those two events .... I attempted to sleep for two days but the zucchini in my CSA box wouldn't stay silent!  I grated and drained and rinsed and spun and bagged zucchini for its new home in my freezer.

And now .... I am back to teaching at Scott Community College

Tonight ... I am teaching salsa camp.  This is a fun event that I have done before in my kitchen.  Kind of like a quilting bee with jalapenos and tomatoes.  Everyone gets in on the fun ... chopping and dicing, blanching and peeling and after a while .... salsa appears.

Except .... this hot dry year has left the pepper crop small and some what shriveled.  So I am on a search for lots of peppers. 

I haven't found a lot of peppers but I did find strawberries!!!  Yep .... local strawberries are back and I will be freezing those today for Strawberry Balsamic Jam later this week!

So ... if you call to talk about flowers or classes ..... you may find me overwhelmed with getting everything put up for winter.  Cuz if my world is spinning out of control .... I'm takin' tomatoes with me!!!!


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