As many of you may know, I grew up in a very small town.

It was a very stable town.  People didn't move a lot. Not a lot of new people moving in to town.  Not a lot of people moving out.  If you were there .... you stayed there.

So -- the people I went to kindergarten with were the same people that were in my class when we graduated ... 12 years later.

Saturday night was our 40th class reunion.


I know .... I look so very youthful! (Now where did I put that sarcasm font???)

Going to the reunion was a struggle.

Yes, really!!!!

You know, I can do a tv interview in a matter of minutes.  Ask me to speak before 100 people ... I am there!  Meet the President and the First Lady ... easy!!!  Talk to strangers ... never a problem! Host an event for 400-500 people on the farm ... may be a little more juggling but I can do it!!!!

Go to a dinner with 20 people that I have known for 50+ years ..... anxiety sets in big time!

It also didn't help that my barber offered to dye my hair ........... for free. 

But these two wonderful friends ... got me there.  Of course, it did take an afternoon pick-me-up phone call and a glass of wine.  Liquid strength.

And several beers through out the evening.  ;)

I have to confess something .... I had 3-1/2" high heeled boots on.  And I was still the shortest one there!!!

But talking and catching up with old friends was fun ... I did have a good time.

Thomas Wolfe may have been wrong .... you can go home again.



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