Knocking on doors ...................

As most of you know .... I'm sort of political. 

Sort of.

And I have volunteered when I could. 

I've given speeches.  I've spoken at  press conferences.  I've written letters to the editor.  I've done interviews. 

I've sent out persuasion letters.  I've made phone calls.  I've passed out cookies at early voting.  I've hosted events.

But I rarely canvass. 

Yesterday I did.

And it was difficult.

Not the job.  The job of knocking on doors ..... that is easy.

The emotions are difficult.

I cried ........ a lot.

I met some of the most courageous women ever.  Women that were struggling to get through the day, the week, the month.

Every single one of them were struggling with personal health issues.  And the devastation to the family that comes with the fatigue, the pain and expenses.

One family .... the husband has what we would all consider a good middle class income.  Stable job -- has been there over 20 years -- works for a company with good insurance.

But her rare genetic disease has her taking chemotherapy every three weeks.  And that treatment costs $14,000 for each round.  And she has to pay $4000 out-of-pocket ...... every three weeks.  

That is 10% of the median Iowa income.

Every three weeks.

With insurance.

And its not a curable disease ... hopefully, manageable.  This will go on ..... for as long as she lives.

I have no answers.  No suggestions.  No move to action.


Nothing but tears.

Yesterday ... in a little bitty rural area ... I met three women struggling for all the same reason.  Hard-working Americans devastated by medical debt and issues.  And I don't know what to do or what can be done.

But I do know this .......... every politician in America should drive down a narrow gravel road and knock on the door.  Be greeted by a barking dog and a grandchild in their jammies at noon.  Move the stack of magazines, books, and mail off the seat of the chair.  Scoot aside the dishes from last night's supper ... and talk.

Obviously, its not a hard task to do .... its easy to find those people.  I found three families in under 3 hours.

Its far more difficult to walk away.

And I dare you to do it without crying.

We are spending millions and millions of dollars on election ads.  


And for what?????  So the super-pacs can have their say in Washington????

We have struggled with medical debt for years.  We still are.  But we may run out of money two days before pay day.  We don't run out of money on pay day. 

I'll be driving down that narrow gravel road again.  I just wish the politicians would join me.


Well done Cathy! Even though I am opposite sides politically I am on the same side personally. What has happened that so many hard working people are left with so little? And isn't it a crime that BILLIONS are being spent on these campaigns while folks , while children (!) get by on so little. After 25 years working in a very corrupt medical world, I could stand it no more. Now I can choose to give extra to whom I choose to give, the benefits of running your own farm, for as long as our government "allows" me to do so.

Keep up the good work. I'm proud to be your friend
Ginny said…
Well put Cathy!
Zan Asha said…
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Zan Asha said…
Gah! Do NOT get me started on this! It's a scary world out there, I don't even know what my generation will be looking at, or if they even realize how devastating it could all be.

I am proud to be your friend too, even from afar. The world needs more courageous farm women! And more courageous people, in general!
Zan Asha said…
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Anonymous said…
fall is absolutely my favorite time of the year EXCEPT when we're having elections. I look at the TV ads and all the mud being slung by the candidates and all the money being spent for nothing! I also have family and friends barely making ends meet.Think of all the good that could be done with that money if it was donated to different social programs (in each candidates name if the waanted the publicity>) The whole pre-election process disgusts me.
CathyD. said…
Miss Effie, I don't think I've ever commented, (so many worthy blogs, so little time) but I just had to, today. Thank you so much for your courage in blogging on this. I live in Naperville & wish I could visit you. We live in a very complicated world and unfortunately that makes it very difficult for most hard working folks to do enough research to really know what how policies are affecting their lives. Thanks for your hard work in your area, I hope you influenced a few people.
Some people are just determined to vote against their own best interests and it make no sense to me.

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