One done!

OK .....  We will resume our previously scheduled life.

In future days, I will talk about the thrill of giving the field pitch for volunteers at President Obama's visit and rally in Davenport.  But this is not a political blog and I don't want it going that direction.

This is a blog about our lives ... which does include politics and community activism..... but it sure isn't everything in our lives.

So you can take a seat now and enjoy the rest of this post.



You can sit down.

Ta -- Da!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes .... you can applaud now!!!

Honey finished this chair.  My chair is going a little slower.  (I wonder why!)

And here is a close up shot of the binding.

I think he did an awesome job!

We have 12 more chairs to do ... counting the one I am working on..... but we will be tag-teaming them through out the winter.

And next spring ... you will find us in the next caning class at Scott Community College.  Sherill was an excellent instructor and made the process so easy!!!

I'm pretty certain we will not have all twelve done by them.

Oh ... yea.

You can get up from the chair now.



Cathy Bolkcom said…
The chair looks amazing...I have eight with intricate backs that need work....let me know hen it is time for the next class:)
Connie King said…
Beautiful job! I have several chairs I've been hauling around for years that need new seats. This might be the year I learn how to do it. Keep us posted on that class.
Linda said…
Great job!! I have one that needs caning. Let me know when you open your shop!

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