Saying yes ..................

Boy ... the telephone and my in-box have been full of some exciting requests lately.  And most are so good, I had to say YES!!!! to them. 

So much for slowing down!!!!

The first ... has to be one of my all-time favorite events.  I was asked to bake desserts for "Wine into Water".

This is an amazing event that raises money for fresh water wells in Africa.  It is organized by Leslie and Tess and for four years now ... it has been spectacular!  It is November 10th on the 3rd floor of the River Music Experience in downtown Davenport. 

The venue is magical ... the food is delicious .... and the cause is so important.  And I am in awe ... how many lives can be changed forever with so little money.  Watch this and learn.  And then come and enjoy wonderful food, wine and music for such a worthy cause.

Next on the request agenda .... is the Illinois Master Gardener Nursery School.  It will be held on Feb 16, 2013 at the I Wireless Center in Moline.  This is the 17th year for the event. 

If you garden, want to garden, or just like to think of gardening (and in February ... sometimes, we need to think of something green!)  you will want to check out this event.

I was asked to teach two sessions this year.  Both will be the same, so you will only want to hear me rattle on once!!  In the past, I have taught a cooking session. 

But this year ..... wait for it!!! ........ I get to teach a cut flower class! 

Who knew I could do that?????

Then request number 3.  Again from the Illinois Master Gardeners.  The next statewide Master Gardener Conference will be held in Moline at the I Wireless center in September 19, 2013.  They spend a day touring local businesses and venues .... and Miss Eff's is on the list!!!

Which is super cool for me ... since I went to the University of Illinois!  Oske-wa-wa!!!!

And finally .... I got a call on Saturday afternoon from our local Obama for President headquarters.  I was asked if I would be willingly to give the field pitch (for volunteers) at the President's rally in Davenport on Wednesday. 

After I jumped up and down several times!!!!!! ...... I said YES!!!!!! 

My speech has been submitted.  It is currently being edited.  I think vetting by the Secret Service is complete.  (I was vetted in August for the photo opportunity in the last post)  But there are lots of details that I don't know yet.  This may all fall apart ..... so cross your fingers for me!!!!!

I am excited.  I am nervous.  And as you can see by the photo on the previous post ... I must be extremely short!

And regardless of your political beliefs ... you have to admit ... it is super cool to be in the opening act for the President of the United States of America!!!

So some super cool stuff is happening at Miss Eff's .... and that is just the tip of the iceberg!!!  I'll be back with more updates in a few days ... or next week. 

If my heart can take all the excitement!!!! ;)


Dan Mays said…
Don't tell the secret service that you know me or you will never pass muster! ;-)

Great picture. Congratulations!


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