The not-so-distance past ..........

So .. I'll admit it.  I am middle aged.

OK -- I do have an AARP card!  And I readily accept the senior discount at Hancock and Jo-Ann Fabric stores!

I am middle-aged for my family.  We may be short but we are extremely long-livers!! Three out of four grandparents were almost 90 or older when they past away.  I had 4 or so great-grandparents over the age of 90 when they died. 

So .. I'll be around for a long time haunting you with my actions and beliefs.  (Did you like that segue to Halloween??????  That's the most Halloween you will get out of me!!!  Don't come here for chocolate .... it disappeared!)

So I remember a different life and a different time.

I remember a time when single women could not get birth control with their medical insurance.  That was a benefit for married women only.  If then!!!!!

I remember a time when a married woman could not get a department store credit card without her husband's signature.

I remember a time when a woman's money ... even in a separate account ... belonged to her husband.

I remember a time when women could be dismissed from a job because they were pregnant.  Of course, that was a self-induced illness!!  Oh yes .... and the public really couldn't know you were pregnant!

I remember a time without maternity leave or job guarantee when you returned.

I remember a time when women trained men for a job ... only to see the men make 35 cents an hour more than the woman.

I remember a time when career choices were much narrower ... secretary, beautician, teacher and nurse.  Oh yea .... and the most sought after degree .... Mrs.

I remember a time when a woman wanted to go to a school event ....... they weren't working like a man would work.  But if the man wanted to go to the same school event .... What great fathers they were.

I remember a time when sexual harassment was swept under the rug ... because Boys will be Boys.

I'm old enough to remember that stuff.  And old enough not to want my daughters to go through that again!

So I just have to share my favorite USA-made campaign paraphernalia.

Finally!!!!!  Someone is thinking about me!!!!! 

Works great on those damn hot flashes!!!!!!


Barb said…
Oh Cathy...I remember so much of that as well. I remember back to the time I was newly divorced. I think I made about $230 every two weeks and I had to pay rent, utilities, food, etc out of that. But I had freedom that I had not had before. I was enjoying being me and my boss didn't like it. He accused me of all sorts of things. One Friday he told me I was fired (apparently I had had too much fun that week after work hours....although it was all good, legal fun but his opinion I wasn't being the "former meek and mild" me). I panicked all weekend. I needed this job. I knew I had to stand up for myself so I went to work on Monday, as I had done for the past four years, with my scrubs on. My stomach was churning when I went in to his office and told him I wasn't leaving. I had never needed a job more than I did at that moment; I was a damn good assistant, my work never suffered and he was lucky to have me as his assistant....I Was Not Leaving!! He didn't say a word. We went right on working together for another year until I decided it was time for me to leave....MY decision, not his. That was a major turning point in my life. I had the power to stick up for myself.

I am worried, with this election that women are being sucked in by Romney's talk. I just don't understand why it seems OK and right with them to cheer when they hear that Planned Parenthood will be eliminated or education or FEMA, etc for that matter. What had happened to their maternal compassion? Oh My....didn't mean for this to be a political rally, just so confused.

Blessings to you, My Dear Radical Woman!!!!
Zan Asha said…
Rock on, my beautiful Friend! I agree with everything you have written!!!
Bobbi said…
Many women today don't think about the past, but we must remember what it took to get here. I only discovered your blog today, and you are bookmarked so i can read you all the time. Obama/Biden !!!
Anonymous said…
I haven't been reading your blog for long,but I am finding it amazing that there's some one out there with my thought process!!!I love your blog!

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