Thoughtful Giving ..................

With Tropical Storm Sandy tearing up the eastern seaboard, many of us will get phone solicitation to donate money to relief efforts.

I just received a phone call from the Cancer Fund of America.  Not to be confused with the American Cancer Society.

I asked what percentage of my donation would go to administration costs.

I was told ..... with my first donation ... 5 cents of every dollar goes to individual cancer needs.  Which means 95% goes to administration costs. 

If I would continue to pledge and donate .... those administration costs would go down to 80%.


Be smart with your giving ....ask the questions.  Google the organization.  There are going to be a lot of people that will need your help.  Let's make sure it gets to them.

As we said in the '60s ......... Question Authority.


Kelly said…
Sound advice and a great reminder to everyone. I always ask if I'm speaking to a group rep or someone hired to make the calls... aka telemarketers. I usually get a lot of political, evasive answers, so I really like the way you asked your question and will use that in the future.
Dan Mays said…
My response is a bit more direct.

Let's face it . . . there ARE people who need help, but sadly, it is most often the professional welfare people who know how to work the system that slurp most of the money and benefits away from those who really need it.

Being a landlord, I have actually had tenants move to Wisconsin (actual quote) "Because the welfare pays better there." After Governor Tommy Thompson enacted workfare, they called me asking if I had an apartment. When I asked them why they were moving back to the area they said, "Because the welfare in Iowa now pays better than Wisconsin."

My stock answer is that my donation fund for the year has already been allocated.

In reality, I probably annually donate more than most -- I just rarely talk about it and I do NOT go through the regular channels -- ESPECIALLY the Red Cross & United Way!

Instead, I have taken to providing small "scholarships" to deserving individuals (usually kids) to some camp or seminar that will really make a difference in their life -- one that their family could never afford.

When I hear (and confirm) that some local person really needs some help, I personally buy and deliver the groceries. 100% goes to help the person with zero administrative costs.

I doesn't matter who you are -- even Bill Gates -- we all have a finite capacity to help. However, we do have a choice (and responsibility) to make sure that each dollar does the MOST good that it possibly can.

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