Working from home ...........

You know, working from home always sounds like one of those great dream jobs.

You dream of working  in your jammies, drinking coffee all morning, leisurely go to lunch with friends ... and knocking off early for the day.

Or you can come down to reality and face the true music of working from home.  Which I am certain is Ride of the Valkyries'.  You know ... the soundtrack of impending doom because you are trying to cram 16 hours worth of work into 8.

I have talked about this before.  But yet, I still know people that just. don't. get. it. 

I may not have to leave my driveway.  I may not have to wear high heels.  I may not have to pack my lunch, punch a time clock or say, "Yes, sir!" to my boss.

But I still have a job ... I still have set hours ... and I still have projects, to-do lists and customers to greet.

From June until October ... I am here 5 days a week ... hopefully, smiling when you pull in the driveway.  And you expect to see me here ... on the days and times I say that I am open.  And when you drive in after hours .... I greet you and let you walk through the property.

It is October and hours will be a little more variable.  I'm going to have a leisurely lunch with my girlfriends.  I'm going to spend a day with my Honey.  I'm taking and teaching a few classes. We will still have hours in the Summer Kitchen that will be posted on Facebook on a daily basis.

But I will still work from home.  And it is work.

This is my living ....

This is my life ....


I just have a better view out my office window!


I do get it. I work on my own schedule but that means feeding the livestock at 6 so I can be in class by 8. And then it's back home at 5 , make supper, feed livestock, harvest veggies, gather eggs, and maybe get some homework done. When my kids were little the school moms always wanted to volunteer me to do stuff because I worked from home. Working from home is still work and we don't get paid by the hour.
Ginny said…
Now get back to work, lol. I too work from home and you are right some people just don't get it.
Zan Asha said…
I have seen you--I don't know how you do it all!! All hail the FarmWomen, the work is never done!

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