Arithmetic .............

I learned something this election.   Can I share it with you?

I learned arithmetic matters. Not math, but arithmetic.

Math is hard.  Math is algebra and calculus.  Math is finding x when y has been divided by 17 squared.

Arithmetic is 1 +1 + 1 + 1 + 1 (and so on) = 270.

And that is what I learned.

One more door.  One more phone call.  One more volunteer.  One more vote.

ONE matters.

I had become cynical.  The Citizens United decision by the Supreme Court had me believing the pundits that all elections would be paid for by the wealthiest corporations in America.  Elections would never be won by the power of one.

I was wrong.

I learned that it is possible for 1 person in Scott County to make over 16,000 phone calls.

I learned about a retired nurse with the demeanor of your grandmother but the tenacity of pit bull, lead a team to 300% of the goals that were set.

I learned about two local restaurants that over and over and over again .... asked if a campaign needed coffee or cookies and what could they give or do.  And they did it with LOCALLY produced food.

I learned that coffee and cookies should be staples of early voting!

I learned that grassroots do matter.  And in a cynical world of money and prestige and power --- ordinary, everyday, hard-working people can still make a difference.

And so .... if you grumble and complain about the election results ... think about this.  Did you make that phone call?  Did you knock on that door?  Did you take food to campaign headquarters so that workers could keep on working?  Did you donate money?

Did you stay up late .... did you get up early?

What did you do????

I am grateful to have volunteered for a campaign that saw the power of one.

Cuz this one very short farm-girl in thrift store clothes .... was honored for the opportunity to do this!

And more honored to meet and get to know these women and so many more like them.

The power of one ... is multiplied by power of sisters.


Barb said…
Powerful post.....thank you!
fullfreezer said…
Lovely post. We stayed up late here, even though it meant I only got 4 hours of sleep before heading in to work this morning. But it was worth it.
What troubles me now is all those people out there saying that there needs to be a revolution and that the 'red states' should secede because Obama won reelection. What we really need to do is start to work together to fix the problems.

Sorry to go on here, I've had to deal with a few irritating people today.

Anonymous said…
Why would you re-elect people like Obama and then say that we need to work together to fix the problems? Wouldn't it make sense to get rid of the people that are doing nothing but making things worse? Just saying...
Beth said…
Great post...a college professor once told me that to not put yourself out there and be part of the solution means that you are part of the problem. One person does matter!
Dan Mays said…
I don't know Cathy . . .

I am more concerned about the power of "won" as opposed to the power of "one."

Yes, Obama won; and on that, you and all of your "ones" are to be congratulated. However, right or wrong, almost half of the populace (cast votes, not electoral college votes) does not agree with the choice. We still remain a divided nation --- and I do not see that as a good thing.

All of us ("ones" on both sides) need to work diligently to demand that our government stop doing stupid things. The two sides may be miles apart on a particular candidate, but most of us embrace essentially the same values; albeit by different preferred methods.

Both sides have glaring deficiencies. No matter who wins, we need to eliminate those deficiencies which are pulling our country down.

I think that America has clearly stated that we have grown weary with politicians who are out of touch with mainstream America. I also think the voters have clearly shown that bone-headed attitudes "supported" through perverse interpretations of religion are no longer acceptable.

As a nation, we need to come together in a respectful dialog. Forget the elected morons: The red "ones" and the blue "ones" need to assume some leadership and explain to the morons in Washington that WE can resolve our issues -- Why can't they?
Dan Mays said…
Perhaps a little music by Terri Hendrix:

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