Change .... Change, Change, Change.

Just a few notes on some changes at Miss Eff's.  Not biggies .... but Carole was missing the blog.  So as boring and mundane as it may be .... here is a new blog post!

One very large noticeable change in the house since the election .......... no phone calls.  No emails.


None. Nada. Zilch.

I look at my emails and instead of 40 new emails in the last 2 hours .... there are four.  The spam digest, an ad for Land's End, the church's update, and Knitting Daily.  Period.

I pick up the phone .... yea, there is a dial tone.  Still works!  But no calls. 

I might even be a little lonely!  Thank goodness, the girls (hens) seem to be brilliant conversationalists.

At least, I am not getting up at dinner to answer the phone.  :)

It's going to take some time to get used to that!


The weather has been really nice for November.  We hit 60 degrees the other day.  There has been limited rainfall so I have to say it has been great for getting things done outside.  But it is also scary to look ahead till next spring.

As I look forward to next year ... I am seeing a garden that is very low on soil moisture.  And we have gardens with high organic matter that holds moisture well.

With the prospects of another dry year are looming ahead of me and the constant watering duties take precedent over weeding duties, we are eliminating a few gardens/rows. 

But my dear engineering husband has been annoyed by the fact that my main cutting garden is not longer square.  In fact, it is more of a parallelogram!  So it looks like the simple act of making my garden square again ... will replace any flowers that I thought I would have to eliminate.

Now we are both happy!


Another big change has been in the fiber factor.  Usually, by this time of year, my spinning wheel is humming along nicely and you hear the constant click-click-click of my knitting needles.

Not so much this year!  My wheel sits of the corner ... protected by a nice thick layer of dust!  My needles get a little workout but more than anything ...... the embroidering floss is flyin'.

Yep!  I've been stocking up the tea towel aisle in the Summer Kitchen.  (Can I do a blue light special from the Summer Kitchen???  Now featuring .... hand-spun yarn in aisle 2????)

I currently have one of these for sale.  I have embroidered four of this style in the last two weeks.  Too say it is popular with our customers is an understatement.

I loved this one!  Notice the past tense!  I think it must have set a new Summer Kitchen blow-out-the-door record!  In less than two hours ... it was out the door and in its new home.  I hope to have another one in place for the weekend. 


And finally ..... The Change.

If you are male ..... you may want to leave the page.

If you are in the midst of child-bearing years .... you may want to leave so you don't have to hear what awaits you.

Ok -- everyone gone????

All females get "the talk" around age 9-11.  We are told of our little visitor that will come once a month .. stay a few days ... and comes back 28 days later.

And that goes on for 35-40 years or so.  Or in my case, 44 years.  

Oops!!!  Make that 45 years. 

Wrong again!!! Make that 46 years!!

Needless to say ... I am having a few issues.  So ......... we think this is odd but not life-threatening.  A nuisance to say the least.  But of course, I am scheduled for a battery of tests until they decide exactly what is going on.

Our regularly scheduled Friday hours in the Summer Kitchen may vary.  And as with most medical tests .... who knows how the schedule will go. 

If you need something, or going to be out this way .... please drop me an email, Facebook message, or call ahead of time just to make sure I am home.

You can be sure I will answer it!  :)


Farm-Raised said…
Hope everything is okay!
Triple Creek Dairy said…
Keep us posted. Hope they find out what is causing the issues & that it is nothing serious! I'll keep you in my thoughts & prayers!
Barb said…
I love embroidered tea towels but when I get them I only want to look at them, not use them for fear of staining them. :O)

I hope the tests all go well. Will be thinking of you and keeping you in my prayers.

Have a great Thanksgiving.
Carrie said…
I love your embroidered towels, and I would like to hear more about your fiber spinning when you get back to it. I hope all your tests come back OK. Your in my thoughts and prayers.

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