Sew what is new???

It has been a very busy couple of weeks sew I apologize for my lack of blogging.

I have been prepping this week for not one, but two craft shows on Saturday December 1st.

I am doing the Nahant Marsh Winter Festival in Davenport.  I love the crew from Nahant Marsh and I was honored to be asked last year.  I really had a great time .... so I am doing the event again!

And since I can not be at two places at the same time .... Julie will be at North Scott Junior High in Eldridge for the 1st Annual SpeeEchie Craft and Bake Sale.

Sew ... this week has been filled with lots of needles ... knitting needles, sewing needles and some wooden spoons to stir up some jam.

Sew!  Wanna know what is new???

I'm teaching a sewing class next year at Scott Community College .... actually, two series of classes.

This is where you stop laughing!

I can sew.  Actually, quite well.  I'm certain I can find the blue ribbons to prove it ... somewhere!

I loved to sew when I was growing up.  I would come home from school ... decide that I needed something new to wear the next day ... and would hit the stash and come up with a new skirt for the next day.  I was good at it.

But I haven't sewn apparel for decades.  Almost scores.  Yea .... that would be plural.  I did take some Stretch and Sew classes in the 80's ............ but that ended it.

Patterns didn't fit like ready-to-wear. Sizes were and still are unpredictable.  And the frustration level of spending money .... time .... energy and having a garment that I hated!! ..... well, it was enough to toss the sewing machine into the closet.

But the time has come to change that philosphy.  I need to make sewing a priority in my life.  Cheaply made, inexpensive clothing needs to be past history in my life.  And although, it is rare that I need a new dress or a suit jacket .... it could be useful to be able to make something new again.

So when Scott Community College  needed a sewing instructor ....  I said yes.

I am game.

But at the same time .... I am still teaching cooking classes, gardening classes, marketing classes, blogging and Facebook classes, canning classes and homesteading classes.

It is Tuesday ... it must be pizza.  ;)

Sew .... bear with me.  Give me a break or two.

And between now and February ... if you see me scratching my head in the fabric store .... come up and give me a hug.

Cuz I am going to need it!


Beth said…
Sew lovely. Love watching your many talents flourish. Wishing you a wonderful weekend!

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