Going back to the future .........

Go back to 2001.

September 11, 2001 to be exact.

Clear blue sky.  Honey and I sitting on a hill ........ crying and watching one lone airplane fly over us on its way to Omaha.  Air Force One.

And I said these immortal words (at least, to us!) ..... I just want to hunker down in Donahue with my flowers and my chickens!

Only one little problem  ........ I had neither.  :)

But we knew we were looking for a simpler future .... a simpler life.

A life that included massive canning sessions.  A life that included evenings with our friends.  A life that only had hand-knit socks, home baked bread, and  home grown tomatoes.

And out of those priorities ........ Miss Eff's was born.

Since 2002 ...... the farm has grown and grown and grown.

But with that growth, the priorities were pushed aside.

My pantry is smaller than it has been in 10 years.

I bought bread for Honey's lunch for over 8 weeks last summer. 

And hand knit socks?   I don't remember the last time I made a pair for either Honey or I.  I do know, we both bought socks this fall.

I miss sitting on the ground talking to my customers, not for a minute but for hours.

I miss playing with new chicks.

I miss swinging on my swing, knitting under the apple tree and taking a nap in the sun, next to a kitten.

I need time for Honey, time for our needs and time for our friends.

So we are making changes!!!!

The farm will have new hours......... some you may like, some you may not.

We will be open Thursday through Sunday from now on.  That means .... we will be closed Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday.

But on Thursday (from June 15 to August 15th) we will be open until 8 pm.  So you can come to the farm after work to pick up flowers for the weekend.  You can bring a lunch and dine in the corn-zebo.  And maybe, just maybe .... you might hear some great local music.

And on Sunday ........ we are changing the hours to 12-3.  My faith is important to me.  And the expression of that faith at church is important to me.  So we will be opening an hour later so I can be spiritually rejuvenated for the week ahead.

Just to re-cap the hours ..........

Thursday -- 9 to 8 (June 15- August 15) otherwise, 9-5.
Friday -- 9 to 5
Saturday --9 to 3
Sunday -- 12-3.

We will be closed .... Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

You can always call ... and if I can accommodate you, I will.   

Hand embroidered tea towel .... newest on the shelf.

Yea .... its time to get back to my roots.  Or in my case ... my grass roots.


Ginny said…
A gal & her Honey needs to do what is best for them. Take care of yourself and Honey.
Michelle said…
Good for you for doing this!
Barb said…
Good For You!!! Boundaries need to be put into place so one can truly enjoy one's self. I've talked to so many people...especially women, that start a business out of a hobby they love only to be swallowed up by the public and can no longer enjoy the hobby that brought them there in the first place. That is kind of what keeps me from jumping into a "business" that I think I would do well with but then I know that my time will not be my own. Like you, I need to be with my garden, the chickens and soon the fiber flock. For now I am content with what I have (and, ahem....I've put the credit cards and check books away. I can live with a lot less for this sense of bliss). Blessings!
Zan Asha said…
I love those new hours...now if only I can get on a plane ;) Love the new tea towel, by the way! Miss you guys!11
Cheers for you & Honey...will be around longer to enjoy your life...and, for more folks to enjoy you and your place!

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