Seven .... I tell ya Seven.

It is January.

And from past and current experience ......... if it can break, it does.  And it always does it in January.


So far this month ........

The bumper fell off the truck ..... it is wired/ taped/ stuck together.  Please don't put your foot on the bumper.  It will fall off on your toes.  But we will let you stick your chewing gum underneath it!

I had a flat tire.  Two nails ... too close ... had to buy a new one.

The snow blower died.  A week after Honey checked it all over, started it up and it ran beautifully.

He tore it apart and found the offending part.  Which is no longer available.


This meant the purchase of a new snow blower.  Fortunately ... Honey is an ungineer (not really a engineer but thinks like one and knows the system!)  Manufacturer added a spacer, changed the number and said previously part is no longer available.

Cost of newly numbered part with an added spacer ... $14.00  All is well.

Iron died.  Replaced.

Washer died.  Still working on that one.  Best case scenario .... part will be available by February 4th.


I'm bonding with 80 pound-load washers, rolls of quarters and my kitchen sink.

Printer died.  New replacement will be chosen today.

And last night, the truck was making ominous sounds.  REALLY ominous.

I'm counting the days.


January can not end soon enough.


Barb said…
Big Warm Virtual [[[[[[[[HUG]]]]]]]]] being sent your way!!!!
Kelly said…
You know what this means, don't you? That the rest of the year will be a breeze!!!!
Sending positive vibes your way from So. WI.
Ginny said…
Your house sounds like ours. First few days into the new year, $1700.00 repair on one car, $380.00 h/w, faucet for the out building and a $100.00 repair on the other. Holding our breath for now.
Miss Effie said…
Thanks for the hugs! And Ginny .... it has been crazy! I definitely feel your pain!
Sarah said…
I stumbled onto your blog somehow and all i can say is you are amazing, and January seems hard for everyone!

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