Prep work ...............

Organize, Organize.  Prepare and Organize.

We used to say that when working on speeches for class.

Today .... we are talking prep work.  Not organization.  Any one that has seen my fiber, knitting, sewing, embroidery nest in the corner of the tv room .... knows that!

But preparing is the most important task when it comes to sewing. 

And we all HATE it! 

Really!  We hate it!!

We want to take that fabric, cut out the pattern ....... and let that sewing machine run!!!!

The other day, I finished my pajama pants for class. 

I had measured.

I had compared the pattern to my favorite pajamas.

I felt comfortable cutting and sewing and finishing them.

I tried them on ..... and suddenly, they were not pajama pants but very baggy palazzo pants!  Which I just discovered are back (still) in style!! 


Now ... I can/will  wear them.  But I'm not happy/ comfortable/ or pleased with the results.  I'm happy with the construction ....but the fit?????  Not so much!

So ... I had bought some fabric for this dress.

View E .... the perfect dress for the beer garden on Beer Tuesdays!

And with my unhappiness with the fit of the aforementioned pajama/ palazzo/ MC Hammer pants ..... I made a quick muslin bodice to check the size.  It fits. 

Damn!!!  I wanted it to be too big!

I washed, ironed and pinned the fabric.

Hundreds of pins.

Every few inches so the lines of the plaids line up perfectly .... vertically and horizontally.

Fortunately, it is a nice even plaid and it should match up nicely ........... now that it is pinned and pinned and pinned.

Hopefully, by the end of the day ............ everything should be matched, pinned, cut and marked.

And I might get to start sewing tomorrow.

Pictures ( or swearing!!!!) will follow!


Ginny said…
Makes one think of Summer!!

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