Sew Scary

As you know, I was asked  ...  drafted ... drug into teaching a beginning sewing class for Scott Community College adult education classes.

When asked if I could sew, I said yes. At that moment ... it was to fill in for an instructor who was to have surgery.  Not a problem!  I can fill in!

Then ... the instructor retired.  And guess who got the class.  Yea.  The girl on the other side of the screen.

I talk to the instructor and asked about her handouts, curriculum guide, pattern suggestions, etc.  She tells me to "make the class my own!"


Oh no. 

So the class guide came out and I see that I am not teaching one session but two!

Scary thoughts begin to enter my mind.  Like when was the last time I put a zipper in!!!!

I wasn't worried at that time (at least, not much!) because we need a minimum of four students for the class.  Maybe there will never be four students!

And then my contract arrived.

The hyperventilating began.

The last several days, I have been going over sewing books -- trying to come up with handout information.

I bought a new book ....... The Sew Everything Workshop by Diana Rupp.

I pulled out my old Coats and Clark sewing book, my Vogue sewing book, and my complete collection of Home Sewing books from the Women's Institute of Domestic Arts and Sciences from 1931.

The panic attacks started.

Then I pulled out my old 4-H sewing books ....... and I found this little sketch and fabric swatch.

There are notes on the dress ..

Fabric ............. $2.97.  Pattern ....... 60 cents.  Zipper ..... 55 cents.  And thread .... 15 cents.

Total was $4.27.

As I looked at the fabric scrap .... I realized that the dress was upstairs in the cedar chest.

I looked over it .... the darts were perfectly even.  The zipper pucker free.

And even though there was a little patched clip underneath the arms eye ( I did it when clipping the curve)  ..... it still won the blue ribbon at the fair.

I was 12 when I made that dress.

I might get through the next six weeks!


Ginny said…
Good for you!! I would take that dress to the class, sure they would love to see it.
Colleen said…
Have fun teaching the class. I wish we would have had fun sewing books like that when I was in 4-H or even now for my girls.

I am sure that you will do your best teaching the class, if they would hire you for one at Clinton CC, I would sign up Kristen.

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