Well, duh!!!!

One of my New Year's resolutions promises hopes was to spend less time on the computer.

And guess what???  I've been getting more done.

Less computer time + less driving time = more crafting, sewing, knitting time.

Well, duh!

There are still plenty of UFO's.  (And why are UFO's so easy to ignore????)

But I have been busy getting some new stuff made.

I started making wool felt needle books .... when you flip up the top, there are "pages" to slip your sewing needles.

What would Miss Eff's be without a "tea" themed needle book??

While I am on a theme ........... how about chickens???

This is one of my favorites!

There will be more as the week carries on.  I'm excited about a small shipment of 100% merino felt that I have coming in the next day or so. 

I've also tried to shake up the tea towels a bit.  New and different transfers and more unique towels.  This does increase the price on some ...... but they are still totally hand embroidered.

And yes, I have been sewing and I made a ruffled apron for spring for the Summer Kitchen.  I love the pastel colors and the bias ruffle.

And finally, I found a use for those really tiny bits of yarn.

A heart-shaped dishcloth!!! 

OK -- I have to be honest.  These are tiny dishcloths. But they are cute .....

And some days ............. cute is all you need.


Ginny said…
Love your stuff. Maybe the tiny dishcloths can be baby washcloths?

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