Date night .........

Friday is usually date night at the Lafrenz household.

Honey had a plan.  He wanted to go to the Bucktown Revue.

Grab a sandwich.  Meet up with friends.  Relax with some great Celtic, folk, bluegrass music and some wonderfully corny jokes and entertainment.

And me??  I wanted an intimate date with my pillow and blanket.  Yep .... it had been a long week with three classes to teach on totally different subjects.

As social as I am .... I can be a bit of a hermit at times.

But Honey doesn't ask much of me.  And he is Mr. Supportive here on the farm, at classes .... with everything I do. 

So I put on my big girl panties and said .... Let's go!

And  I am soooooo glad we did!!!!!

We always run into some friends .... hear local performers that we have never heard before .... and laugh a lot!  A lot!!!

One of our favorite performers was there......... Jon Eric.    This guy just loves to make music!!!  You can see the joy on his face and it dances out of his body as he performs!!!

At one point, they played an Earl Scruggs song (that I was not familiar with.... that really doesn't say much!)  ... there were 4 banjos, 4 guitars, 2 basses, 2 mandolins and a violin on stage!  A-Maz-ing!!!!

So ... if you aren't doing anything the 3rd Friday in April ..... pop over to the Annie Wittenmyer complex and have a delightful evening.  And say hi to the short gal with gray hair. 

But if you are tall .... please don't sit in front of her!!!


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