March 22, 1996

There are words that instill fear in everyone.

Nuclear war.

IRS  audit.

Three week visit from your mother-in-law.

Blind date.

Now -- I had gone on a lot of blind dates in my life.  Some were great and a lot of fun.  Some were horrible.  And some left me babbling about my cats for two hours.

So a little history.  In 1996 I was poor.  Like dirt poor. You-can-never-be-so-broke-in-your-life poor.

I had a part-time job, a two-room apartment, a 10 year-old car and no phone.  I was poor.

And I was done with dating.  Totally.  Completely.  DONE.

All men were toads.

I was convinced that the next stop in my life was the convent.  Live with women.  Never mind the fact that I wasn't Catholic.  Or a lot of other things. I was never going to deal with dating again!

But a young gal that I worked with convinced me that I should go out with her father.

'Cuz her dad wasn't a toad.

So ... remembering the fact that I had no phone .... he had to come into the lumberyard that I worked at and ask me out. 

In front of an audience.

Why??  Because the  fore-mentioned  daughter told everyone in the store that he was going to ask me out.  I remember it as her announcing it over the PA system .... but she tells me that I am obviously senile and she did not do that!

I said yes ... and then the anxiety attack set in.

What do I wear???? Remember --- poor = blue jeans and sweatshirts.

Then ... the panic attack .... no, I am not going!!  I walked to the corner, called my BFF.  In true BFF-style, she told me to go .... get a doggie bag .... have a good time.

And she said ......... I have a good feeling about this.

Seventeen years later, the good feelings continue. 

The great thing about a truly wonderful relationship ........ it seems like you just met and it feels like you have been together forever.

Thank you, my Honey for taking a chance on me --- with my anxieties, insecurities and damaged soul.

Tonight .. we will celebrate that date 17 years ago with a little beer, a little pasta and a salad .......... with blue cheese dressing.

Love you.


Michelle said…
Soooo touching; thanks for the sweet romance at the beginning of my day. :-)
Kelly said…
What a lovely story, I enjoyed it completely.
BTW-you both look so happy in the photo that is just makes me smile too.
Happy 17th!
Zan Asha said…
Awwww! Happy Anniversary to my favorite couple! I still miss you guys!

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