Shop till you drop.

black duck

I am not a shopper.

Nope.  I'm not.

I tried yesterday.  I failed.

Yesterday, Honey and I played one-car shuffle.  Well -- not really.  I had the car while he worked.  And because of my to-do list, I decided it would be smart, eco-friendly and make economic sense to stay in town ................... all day.

All day.  :(

Ten hours in the QCA.

I didn't hear a single rooster.

I did well until noon.  I did laundry.  I did some banking.  I bought craft yarn.  I browsed through patterns and bought fabric.  I picked up toliet paper, sweatshirts and an iron.  I hit my favorite thrift store.  I bought underwear.

 I was done.

And it was only noon.

With 4 plus hours to go.

I discovered that I am very task driven.  I need X ... I go to the X store .... I buy X and I leave.

For the next four hours ......... I was lost.

There was the mall, a bookstore, a coffee shop ......... but I had no need, no task and therefore, no desire.

So I sat in the car and knit.


Next time ......... I'll stay home and make these.

heart kitty

yellow duck

singing birdie

At least I feel productive!


Ginny said…
Just sent you a email. Black Duck Antiques just bought the black duck needle case. I love it!!!!! ♥
Michelle said…
That's why I try to ALWAYS have knitting with me; I hate "killing" time when there is so much to DO!

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