Stationary ...........

As you know, January was tough.  I swear everything we owned stopped working.

And somewhere toward the end of the month, the truck died.

It wasn't a painful death.  It just finally (after 223,000 miles) said ..... enough.  We had prettied it up earlier in the month with new snow tires and a new battery but when it said ..... goodbye ... that was it.

Now .... that created a crimp in my style!  I was suddenly ............... stationary.

Ten hours a day ......... I am immobile.  I am on 1.75 acres.  That's my domain.

Now during the summer ....... not a big deal.  But in the winter,  it has been a little tough.

We looked at the budget.  Hmmmm.  Not a lot there for a car payment.

We could eliminate the 401K contribution. 

Not a good idea.

We could eliminate savings.

An equally bad idea.

We could eliminate our faith pledge to the church.

And I said ........ no.

We had gone through a series of sermons about being stressed, spending too much, needing too much and praying and trusting too little.

And for me ......... it was time to buck up and step up to the plate.  The collection plate.  Now was not the time to say ........... Wait a minute, God.  I just need a Mercedes-Benz! 

We kept the pledge and prayed. 

I prayed for obedience. 

I prayed for faith.

I prayed for answers.

If you know me well ........ you know that letting go of control is a biggie for me.  Its hard for me to say ....Let go and let God.

I always think ... if  I work harder.  If  I work longer.  If  I save more.  If  I am more frugal.  Things will be better.

But this time, I did let go.  I did let God find a way.

And He did.

Yesterday, Honey came home with a raise.  A surprise raise.  And enough to make a car payment every month without disturbing the 401K, the savings or our gifts to God.

Some of you may scoff.  Once upon a time I would have. 

And we will wait a bit before we buy that newer vehicle.  Save a little more.  Get by with a little less.

Life is good ........ but never stationary when you walk in faith and obedience.


linda/Il said…
A difficult thing for me & many others to do-Give it to God-& not take back but He listens & works wonderful ways!
Michelle said…
What a testimony; God IS faithful!
Beth said…
I love this. The faith journey is really never a dull one; a journey where we were are constantly asked to move into places where we might not rather go.
I KNEW there was a reason to check in on your blog today. I guess HE did too! Three cheers for prayer.

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