The Generation Gap .............

I have come to a conclusion. 

The Generation Gap is not about multi-colored hair, piercings or the love of Justin Beiber. 

It is about the life of stuff.

A little history ......... I grew up as a daughter of Depression Era parents.  My grandparents were thrifty, frugal people that just made do.  Nothing was really ever thrown out ........ just because.  They were keepers.

I grew up with cupboards made by my great-great grandfather.  We had beds that came down the Ohio River, up the Mississippi River and across the Illinois River ...... before the Civil War.  And I played with fabulous china dolls that were lovingly and carefully packed away in a cedar chest .... until my next visit with Grandma.

My parents too, were keepers.  When they were married 60 years ago ... they bought a sofa and chair.  Since that time, the sofa has been cut down to a loveseat ........ and both have been recovered more times than I can remember.  But they are still there.

I grew up to be a "keeper".

Honey and I sleep in a bed that was made in the 1880's.  An iron bed that belonged to my great-great aunt is in the guest room.  And the newest piece of furniture we have, is a sofa that I bought in 1990.

I was taught ..... you save your money and buy the BEST you can afford ..... take care of it and you will have it for a long time.  My parents had their Maytag washer and dryer for 25+ years.  Honey had his Whirlpool washer and dryer for over 20 years.

But me .... I decided that I wanted energy efficiency.  I wanted water savings.  I wanted to take better care of the clothes that I had.  So I bought what I thought ... was a quality washer and dryer that would last 15-20 years.

Obviously ... I did not buy a quality machine.  I bought their line!!!!

The saga of the washer continues ........ and the details are too long and boring to re-hash.  But here is a quick synopsis. 

  • Part #1 finally comes in .... was installed ... does not work.  Techs that live overseas inform repairman that we need part #2.  
  • Part #2 comes in 3 weeks later .... was installed ... does not work.  Overseas-dwelling tech says ....... Oh, part #1 must be faulty.
  • Replacement part #1 is ordered.
  • Owner of washing machine breaks down in tears.

I called the manufacturer, told her the current chain of events and got this response.....................

It is almost 5 years old.  What do you expect??

I'm almost 59.  Am I obsolete???  (Do NOT answer that!!!!!)

I have researched and researched washers.  I have read review after review.  And I have come to one conclusion................. Stuff doesn't last.

We are a consumer-driven society that has gotten used to replacing cell phones every 18 months and televisions every three years.  And let's not talk about computers!

As I look ahead to retirement and trying to live off pensions, 401K funds and social security........ it doesn't look good as I plan for needs. 

I am sooooo keeping this baby!!!!


Michelle said…
I hear you on all points, Sister!
Kelly said…
Can I get an AMEN?!!!!!!!

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