What do you do .........

with all your time???

Yep.  I was asked that the other day.  Now .. it wasn't a rude question.  They just wanted to know what I did in the off-season.

I thought a moment.

And I quickly decided that I have two seasons to my life ........... growing and teaching.

And the teaching season seems to be growing!!!!

This week, I have three classes on three different subjects.  A couple of weeks ago -- I had 4 classes in the same week.

Tonight is the 5th of 6 sewing classes.

Wednesday ... I teach a bread class to  Scott Community College retirees.

Thursday ... it is a cut flower class.

One of my current projects is to sew something new every week of the sewing class.  And its just not sewing something new every week ........... it is sewing something that I would be proud to have analyzed, examined and critiqued.

As perfect on the inside as the outside.

Not just good-enough sewing.

This week .... I finished this dress.

As I said previously, I made this dress twice.  I got it done .. tried it on and it was much too big.  I ripped it apart and re-cut the pieces a size smaller.  It is a very full dress ....... almost tent-like.  (yea .. that's showing my age!!  Remember tent dresses???)

But it will be a loose comfortable dress to wear during the summer.

The fit is good ... the plaids match.  I would have loved beautiful chevrons but with the fullness of the back and the front .....it was never going to match completely.

But all the seams are finished .... facings are carefully tacked invisibly in place.  And the hem is done neatly with tiny stitches by hand.

In the last four weeks, I have made two aprons, a dress and a pair of pj's.  This week, its another apron and hopefully, a pair of pj's for Honey.  If I can squeeze it in between bread baking and class handouts.

Maybe I don't have seasons ............ I just juggle!


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