Wishing & hoping & thinking & praying ............

If  .... by the rare chance ......... that you follow me on Pinterest , you might have noticed that there is a whole lot of pinning going on.

Yea ......... it is winter and my thoughts rapidly race toward spring.

And spring projects.

This spring and summer, the projects are focused on the house.

The restoration of the "front" of the house and the existing porch.

Unfortunately, none of the old photos of our house show any original porch trim.  Our oldest photo is from 1927.  By that time, the house was 35 years old and the porch had been enclosed.

So the search for details that are historically appropriate continues.

Source: google.com via Cathy on Pinterest

So there will be a new look this year ......... from a new sidewalk and arbor.  To plantings and planting boxes.

Now .... if Honey and I can only agree on what we like!!!



Barb said…
Funny how Spring can turn our all consuming thoughts to green-ness and porches and lazy Summer evenings. I think the lazy Summer evenings only happened when I was a child, though. Have you seen the book, A Time To Blossom by Tovah Martin? It will make you sigh. I will be watching your projects blossom and grow! Knowing you....it will get done! :O)
Miss Effie said…
Barb -- I have not seen that but I have loved Tovah Martin from her time at Victoria.

Sigh ..........

Can not wait till spring.

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