Experiment over ........

The great one-car family experiment at the Lafrenz household is over.

We caved and bought a new different truck.  And it is amazing ... we now (in 2013) have a vehicle that was manufactured in the 21st century.

Ok -- we really didn't cave.  We always  knew we would buy another vehicle.

But I find that I am somewhat disappointed in myself.

I try to be environmentally conscious.  I try to be fiscally conservative.  (Didn't think you would ever hear me say that, did ya?????)  But when push came to shove .......... I wanted my wheels back!!!

I kept saying .... Oh, it is fine.  I am happy saving the gas.  I really don't need a car.  We can live with one vehicle!

And I have to admit ..... we did it for 3.5 months.

But guess what???  I lied!!

I feel like a 16 year old that just got their license! Can I drive 100 yards to get the mail???  Two blocks to buy a soda???

The windows are rolled down!  The radio is blaring!  (And I am pretty certain I just broke the speed limit!)

Wow!  The freedom is great!

But don't worry ..... I haven't gone all 21st century on you.

I'm still using this .......................


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