Getting it done .........

Miss me????

All I will say ....... spring colds are the worst!  Last week, I swore I had been hit by a Mack truck.  I'm pretty certain Honey thought I was exaggerating ..... so I did what any loving wife would do.  I shared the cold with him.  Now the Mack truck has hit him.

Finally, Spring came to Iowa.  The sun warmed the soil.  The ground dried up.  The night time temperatures reached above freezing.

I could finally start planting.

Lot of people ask me how I do this.  And it really is quite simple........ on my hands and knees.

Its not sexy ..... its not easy.  And its definitely not big time.

We grow a lot of flowers in a fairly small space.  And this is how we do it.

This is the main cutting bed in the spring.  Last fall, Honey cleaned the beds which was HUGE for me this year.  Normally, I am cleaning in the spring and with the winter that lasted forever ..... I still would be doing it.

I no longer till my gardens.  This is year number 4 and I am finding that s l o w l y, the weed population is going down.  I am no longer bringing weed seeds the the top .... and it seems to be helping.  But there is still work to do.

I clean all the grass, weeds etc by hand. Once they are cleared away ... they go right to my feathered composters.  :) My favorite tools for weeding have changed throughout the years.  Currently, I use a Cobra weeder. 

Our soil is full of organic matter so it is pretty light and fluffy.  The garden area was a feed lot in the 50's -- and then sat idle for 40 years or so.  We top dress the gardens with composted chicken manure in the fall.  The paths are wood mulch so that continues to break down over the years.

Our plant supports are then flipped over so I have an evenly spaced planting gird that works perfect for me!

It also works perfect for our marriage.

Honey likes nice straight lines.  And well ................. you know how I wander off!!!

So far, I have about 2000 plugs in the ground.  I will plant lilies and about 1/3 of the glads this week.

Next week ... I will start direct seeding some of the zinnias, cosmos and sunflowers.

That's enough talking for the day!!!  I need to get some work done!


colleen said…
Sorry to hear you have been sick...but glad to hear you are feeling better. I love your blog. I only have a few blogs I follow and I call them my "Happy News". No tilling...very interesting and I think I will look into the cobrahead tool. I think Hubby better lighten up on straight lines :) Can't wait to see all the flowers when they are in bloom. Take Care and have a great day!!

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