Layers .......

As many of you know ... we have no heat upstairs in this old farm house.

Many a night, a glass of water beside my bed will have a thin layer of ice on it in the morning.

There are quick dashes upstairs in the evening to jump in the warm bed and be smothered by the weight of the many covers.

There is a heated mattress pad, flannel sheets, a cotton blanket, 2 wool blankets, a down comforter, a cotton coverlet, a cat, and a fleece throw. 

And a partridge in a pear tree.

And I am then warm.

Since it is now APRIL!!! -- I thought I could slowly peel back the layers.

I removed the first wool blanket yesterday.

And last night, I was miserable.

I was cold.

I was hot.

I was cold.

I was hot.

I was cold and hot at the same time!

I am exhausted ..... but I am probably not as tired as my dear sweet Honey.  Who at this very moment, I am trying to convince that he still loves me!!!!

Today .... I say it to remind you!!!

Menopause .... the unpredictable season of ever-changing temperatures.


Michelle said…
Sigh; I hear you.

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