The countdown .........

In less than a week ... the first boxes of plug trays appear.

And the current temp in downtown Donahue .......... 37 degrees.


Now -- it is warming up.  But it takes more than one or two warm days to heat up the soil.  And it sure isn't there yet!

Coming  to a garden near me!!!

April is the month of my panic attacks.

I watch the weather forecasts as if I could possibly change the forecasts!  I watch them in the morning.  I watch them at noon.  I watch the 5, 6 and 10 o'clock news .... hoping for change (or not!!!!).

I watch local news.

I watch national news.

I watch farm reports.

I stalk weathermen on Facebook.

I know NOAA employees on a first-name basis.

And I panic.

A lot.

So I decided that I needed a diversion this year.  I needed to do something that might take my mind off something that I can not control! 

I would teach more classes.

So -- for the month of April ... I am teaching classes and classes. Food classes, gardening classes, and sewing classes.

I have 6 classes to teach this week but most weeks, I have 2 or 3.

Last night was going to be a breeze.  I was teaching Pizza class.

Make the crust.
Make the cheese.
Put it all together. 

The first step ... I demo the crust.  Then the students make crusts as  Honey preps the veggies.  Suddenly, I realize that I do not smell roasting garlic.

I look at the oven.

It is not 400 degrees.  It is not warm.  It is not working.

I turn on the burner.  No flame .. no gas.

I go to another stove.

No flame ... no gas.

And another.

And another.

And another.

Same results.

Evidently, yesterday the power went out.  Twice.  And for safety reasons ... when the power goes out all gas/ electric  appliances no longer work and a computer needs to be re-booted.


No gas.

Phone call.
Phone call.
Phone call.

No gas.

Fortunately, the re-boot did get the electric stoves working......... although not like they should have.  There were still problems with the ovens.  I am certain they were not up to temperature.

We were able to make cheese.  We made pizza.  We survived.

But controlling classes???

Not so much!!!!


Michelle said…
Laughing here! God does have interesting ways to teach us that all we can control is our reaction, doesn't He?
Miss Effie said…
Oh Michelle .... you are so right!!!!! A good lesson for me!!!
Dan Mays said…
Presentations: What can go wrong will go wrong!

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