A little housekeeping ...........

Oh.  Nooooo!  You didn't!!!!

You thought I meant I was cleaning my house????  Oh surely, you jest!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nope ... just a few notes about changes on the farm.


We have changed our hours for this year.  We are now closed Monday through Wednesday.  Yep ... we are closed on Wednesday.

Do not hesitate to call, email, Facebook message me if you need/want flowers on a day that we are closed.  I will do all that I can to accommodate you but we decided that our family life needed the extra day.

But  ............... from June 15 through August 15 th .... we will be open on Thursday evening until 8 pm. 

Yep!!!  Grab your family and a picnic lunch and spend the evening at Miss Eff's!  The farm becomes magical in the evening!

So here are the hours .......

Monday through Wednesday ..... closed
Thursday -- 9am to 8 pm (June 15 -August 15)
Thursday -- Friday -- 9 am to 5 pm
Saturday -- 9 am to 3 pm
Sunday -- 12 pm to 3 pm.   (Please note the change in opening time on Sunday!)


Like many business, our costs have continued to rise.  And this year, we finally had to bite the bullet and increase our prices.

A one gallon bucket of flowers is now $20.

This is as many flowers as you can squeeze in ......

Yep!!  That is one of our very dearest customers .... Heather.

Now ... the first time Heather came to the farm, I sent her back to the garden to get more flowers.  She learned quickly and I have never-ever had to send her back to the garden again!

Yes .... that is one bucket of flowers.  And you can do that too.  All for only $20.

We also will have a supply of pre-made bouquets that will be ready to go!!!  Those will be available daily for only $10.

Respect and Rules

Currently, Iowa farms, agricultural tourism and the liability laws governing them are in a time of transition.  We must carry liability insurance to protect our home and business which we have since day one.

I understand that as parents .... you want your child to get the "full farm experience".  And we want that for you also.  But I see dangers that sometimes, you might miss or not understand.

So -- when I ask your child to not climb over fences, or climb on trees, or to stay away from the garden tractors --- I would appreciate your (the parent's) respect.  Too many times I have been told, "Oh no, they are fine!" and the parent and the child continue to climb the tree!!!!  :(

I don't like being the crabby old lady at Miss Effie's!!!!!

It is your child's safety that I am concerned with ........ and I hope you will understand and respect my feelings as I would if I was at your home.

So that is enough scrubbing and sweeping for today!!

It is back to the garden to plant and weed and smile.

And hopefully, we can get some of these to bloom soon!


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