Is my head above water yet???

It has been several wet soggy days on the East Coast of Iowa.

Honey had four days off.  Four!  Count 'em!  Four!!!

And it rained for 3 of them!

But we make progress any way we can.  And Lord knows .... we need to!!!!

We unveiled the first two of four "Gumby" chairs.  We wanted something different and fun for ourselves.  We saw similar ones online ............ but to the tune of $600 each.

And we are much too cheap for that!

Yea ... Honey made them.

So we went to work on the farm.

We created places to greet you.

We hope you will learn something new!

We created places for you to sit and relax.

We created spots of whimsey!

And we created places to play!

But I can't get too cocky yet!

Although my head may be above water ...... I am pretty certain I could drown in these weeds!!!

There is no rest .......................... well, you know the rest!  Time to get back to work!


Michelle said…
Oh Miss Eff, you got SO MUCH DONE! It looks marvelous; no need to be embarrassed by your entrance anymore. And that giant trowel is SO COOL! So are the Gumby chairs . . . and yes, I had a Gumby when I was a girl. ;-)

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