The Good ... The Bad ... The Bosch ............

OK -- I am stating it right here and now.

I need to be nominated for sainthood.

Yep ....... Saint Eff.  Has a nice ring to it, don't you think???

On December 30, 2012 ... my $1000+ , 4-1/2 year old Bosch washer decided not to run.

Fast forward to May 9th, 2013 ........... the washer is still not running.

Three different repairmen.

Two control panels ..... a door latch sensor ..... $195 labor bill ....and soon, a new motor ......... I may have a running washer later today.

Or a nervous breakdown.

I'm not really sure.

I have hand-washed clothes in the sink.

I have toted clothes to the laundromat.

And for the last three months ........ the 1946 Voss wringer washer and I have had an intimate relationship.  It gets that way when you fill the washer with buckets of water, empty buckets of dirty water from the washer and try to avoid getting your body parts caught in the wringer.  :)

I've also have spent a lot of time dancing around her in the middle of the kitchen.  Kind of breaks up the magic kitchen triangle when there is a washer there!

So ....... why haven't I just chucked that Bosch out of the laundry room and replaced it with some new and shiny or old and working?

Because I inherited a bull-headed gene that refuses to let me just give up!

I am nice.  I am polite.  I am respectful.  But I have called the company EVERY day for the past 6 weeks.

And today ...... the motor that I finally talked them into shipping overnight is being installed today.

At no cost to me.

Washers should last more than 4.5 years.  Factory Authorized repairmen should have a clue.  And if we as consumers don't demand that companies take responsibility for their poorly designed product, we will be stuck replacing washers and dryers and refrigerators every two to three years.

It may not be easy ... it may not be convenient.... but as long as we give up and buy another new appliance ... we will be sold inferior products.

I actually had a company customer service rep say to me, "You know, that washer is over 4 years old."

Please don't let the 67 year old WORKING Voss hear that!!!!


Barb said…
Yay for you. So glad I have a strong willed friend like you to lead the way for others. Several years ago I had an issue with Visa. THEY had made a mistake and it took me months to get it straightened out. I thought all was good until I received the next current bill. I know this will seem picky to most but.....there was a charge for $1.92. $1.92?? For what??? I called the customer service line yet again. The guy told me it was a charge for me PAYING EARLY!!!! I swore and argued with him. It wasn't the amount of the charge, it was the fact that I was being punished for paying early! Since I was being so pissy about it he finally said, "Mam, I am not going to argue over $1.92. I said "Take it off and make sure I never get any charges like this again."
My daughter thought it was crazy that I would take up time to argue over such a piddly amount. She said most people wouldn't even bother. I told her to think about it......if the credit card companies would charge that amount to ALL of the customers for just one month, hoping they "wouldn't bother" think about the money they would make! She changed her tune when she had a few moments to reflect.
Power to the pissy-persistant -women!!!
Michelle said…
I hereby nominate you for sainthood; you are my hero!
melanie said…
I second Michelle's nomination! Power to all that speak up!!!!
Anne said…
Did you ever get anything caught in a wringer?or ruined a couple of shirts?
Miss Effie said…
Actually, this has a really cool wringer that can go both forward and backward.... so when something gets caught you just reverse it.

I have broken zippers and popped buttons. I have learned my lessons on folding everything to the inside to prevent damage.

But there was a definite learning curve!!!!! Obviously, our grandmothers were much smarter than we are!!!!

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