This is for Sonya!

The last two years I have had the honor and privilege of working with an amazing young woman.

Sonya is hard working, creative, funny, generous, kind, a ball of energy and a really great gal!

I knew that she wouldn't be working with me this year but I had hoped she might find time to stop by, drink a cup of tea and inspire me with her creativity.

Sonya's daughter had other plans and decided to show up ........ just a little early!  Like 12 weeks early!
So Sonya and her husband are hanging out at the neonatal unit in Iowa City ..... watching Violet grow!!

(And Violet is doing fantastic!!!  She is packing on the weight!!!)

So Sonya ............... this was yesterday!

Besides the very tall weeds and weedy saplings, there were false sunflowers, purple dome asters, white and pink coneflowers, and a few Asiatic lilies in this bed.  Once upon a time there was order.  But not anymore. Basically, it was a mess!

I weeded, dug, transplanted, tossed and mulched.

And today .......................

Yea .... we got a bit of wind going on right now!!  Welcome to Iowa!

Soon --- this will be a blaze of yellow!!  And butterflies!!!

And today ...... it is filled with 150 + yellow Inca II marigolds!

Just as you suggested!

Thank you!!!!   :)


Teri said…
NICE job!!!!
Can I just say I'm glad that I'm not the only one that has beds that look (in your case "looked") like that......uh of course, three of mine STILL look like that!
Get me out from behind this desk and let me at em'! (sigh, I wish)

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