A green door ..........

My life was changed by a green door.

At the ripe old age of 17, I walked up to a large brick building with a dark green door and pressed the doorbell.

The doorbell that played the Westminster chimes  that went on  

F O R E V E R.

Like the moment you pushed that doorbell ...... you wanted to take it back!!!!!  OMG!!  How long can this go on????????????  Can I hide in these bushes????

I walked into a house of 50 + women.  50+ women that would become my sisters.

Yes .... I was lucky enough to become one of the Women of 4-H House.

So what was so special about 4-H House??  And what difference did a green door make in my life??

I have been struggling with those questions ... trying to pinpoint the answers for years.

Maybe it was the house duties .... every pledge polishing the brass table until it shined. Or buffing the dining room floor with a buffer that had a mind of its own! 

Maybe it was the cook crews ... cooking every morning, noon and night to feed 50 hungry women.  And when we went home on break .... we still cooked for 50!  (What do you mean that we only need 1 package of peas, Mom?)

Maybe it was the house meetings where the word "Ditto" would be used over and over again. Ditto.

Maybe it was candlelight engagement ceremonies, singing after dinner, phone duties (those are long gone!) or choking through spinach sausage casserole.  (Which I now LOVE!!!!!)

Maybe it was 3 young women sharing a 14' by 14' room together.  Maybe a lavender room that suddenly and magically appeared white!  ;)

Maybe it was a dining room filled with sewing machines or class projects.  Or pinning up a hem an hour before a big event for the gal that lived down the hall.

Maybe it was U.J's for pancakes on Monday ... and Wit's End for beer on Friday. Maybe it was water balloon fights, walking to Mc Brides, tee-peeing Illi-Dell, or making fun of the Delts.  Maybe it was watching "The Big Valley" at midnight or dancing to "In the Mood" before supper.

It was 50 women that didn't merely exist in the same spot .... they lived, worked, laughed and cried together.

Because it wasn't about roommates ..... it was about sisters.

Sisters that had strengths.  And weaknesses.  None were perfect ..... but all were amazing!

And forty two years later .............. they still are!!!!

Sisterly love,


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