Cutified (kyoot - i- fied) verb 1. The act of making my garden look like Miss Effie really does live here.

I know I said that cutified was verb ......... but this year it has been a challenge!   I am slowly making progress.  Miss Eff is finally beginning to show up ............

Miss Eff left her hat out in the garden.

It's always nice to have an extra tea cup hanging around when you need it.

Cuz you know, they don't grow on trees! ;)

Where do you put your watering can???


We got a big help from Onion Grove Mercantile with a new hour sign for the lane!

And finally, I was going to show you a surprise.  I was going to say it was a secret.  But with the NSA nosing around Miss Eff's ...... secret is a word you don't say out loud!!!!

And besides ..... the truth in blogging rule has set in.  So I am required by law to explain that the pictures I took of the new outside bedroom are being held hostage by my camera.

You will just have to come and see it yourself!

Trust me ......... it has been cutified!


Adorable! I love the sign by Onion Grove Mercantile so much. Not a surprise at all. She's just so talented. Just like you, my friend!

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