I am not June Cleaver...........

When I was growing up .... mothers looked like June Cleaver or Donna Reed.  Nicely dressed, hair was curled and combed, stockings on ............. and heels.  And in the case of June Cleaver,  pearls.

Most mothers I knew ........"dressed".  My grandmother wore "house dresses" but I remember my mother in skirts and sweaters.  Shoes matched the purses.  Hats were worn to "town".  And white gloves were ...........white!

Today is Tuesday.

Miss Eff's is closed on Tuesday.

I had a list of "dirty jobs" to do and a list of "household"jobs to do.  And I had a plan.

I would wear my dirty, grass stained jeans  .... the ones that had chicken poo wiped on the butt.  I would throw my gardening clogs on ... and promptly step in an offering from the one of the cats.  And I wouldn't take a shower until I got my "dirty jobs" done.

I started by working on a 50' bed of weeds.  I pulled and dug and fed the weeds to the chickens.

I mulched the 50' bed ..... one bag at a time, tossed over my shoulder.

I planted 3 hanging baskets and watered the containers.

My list was rapidly dwindling and I looked forward to shiny clean hair and less body odor!!!!

Some out of state customers pulled in the lane ..... and as I was trying to show them Midwest hospitality ..... another car pulled in.

With a logo on the side.  From the local tv station.

It was then .... the ambush interview began!

They needed an interview about backyard chickens ............ and they needed it now.

I thought about saying no.  I thought about sending them on their way.  But a sermon stuck in the back of my mind .... and although it had nothing to do with tv interviews, it had a lot to do about being "nice."

So ... I did the interview.

With dirty grass stained jeans that smelled like chicken poo and a shirt that had a lot of stinky sweat on it.  My face was dusted in dirt.  My hair do --- well, it was bed-head.  And my shoes ........ my shoes were graced with the aroma that only cat poop can share!!!

Honey has a saying ........... Sometimes you have to do something that scares the sh*t out of you.

Welcome to my morning!!!!!


Michelle said…
If pride is the greatest of all sins, then you've got the ol' devil on the run. A prideful woman would NOT have accommodated the visitors; rock on!

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