It is never dull!!

Color me confused.

Weather ..... ya just get used to one thing and then it changes!

After last year's drought, the experts in the field told us to expect much of the same.  Kind of like drought begets drought.

Not so much!!!

We needed rain ......... and boy, did we get it!!!  And after 4" of rain ... 90 degree heat .... the weeds are popping!!  Its going to be a busy weekend with pulling and hauling and trying to convince the chickens that they need even more greens in their diets!!!

Fortunately, my little feathered composters are up for the task!

So for now .....while I'm trying to find the cutting garden again ..... let me post a few pics from the garden and Summer Kitchen.

I've been doing a lot of embroidery ... it happens early in the morning and late in the evening.  And during rain storms............ obviously, it has been raining a lot!


What is really sad, I have  THREE more new ones done!  Yea ... there has been a lot of rain!

Why go to the basement when the sirens go off ......... the lighting is better upstairs!!!

I'm still working on some changes in the garden ..... I'm happy with this but I know I can do it better.

The lilies are starting to bloom and with the rain, wind and heat .... they won't last long.  I think this weekend will be close to the peak .... get them now!

I love happy little accidents in the garden!


 And finally ......... my current favorite vignette in the garden.

I'm pretty certain that sums up Miss Eff .......... if there was a ball of yarn!


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