Lessons from a Lobster Roll

Honey and I watch little television.

We have never watched Survivor, The Bachelor, 91201, Sex in the City or Lost.

But we do watch PBS.  And there is a series of documentaries that always make us smile.  They were written, narrated and directed by Rick Sebak.

He did the Lincoln Highway Documentary.  He did "An Ice Cream Story" and "The Hot Dog Story".  They are funny and real and down-to-earth.  We love them!

But the one we will never miss is "Sandwiches you will like".  

He goes to New Orleans for a Muffalata from Central Grocery. He goes to Philly for a steak sandwich. He goes to Houston for BBQ. He even goes to Marshalltown, Iowa for a Maid-Rite.  (That's a loose meat sandwich for those of you not from the Midwest!!!)

But the part that always sticks with me ......... is about a lobster shack in Maine.  Its called Red's. 

Red's is one of those old walk-up diner cars with seating outside.  They sell lobster rolls.  Steamed lobster tail and claw meat on a toasted lobster roll.  The entire Maine lobster on a piece of bread.  And dowse it with melted butter.


And the lines will wrap around the building ........day after day.

Red's daughter takes orders.  And when she is training someone new .... she says "Never look at the end of the line.  Look straight ahead."

Just like weeding.

Just focus on the weed right in front of you.  Look at what you are accomplishing now.  Not what has to be done.

Look forward!

Not to the end of the line!!!!!

Cuz it will scare you to death!!!!!!!

Then you will end up in "A Cemetery Story" .............. another great documentary!


Because hubbie and I were always focusing on what wasn't done on our farm. I started a new routine about a year ago. Each morning we review our accomplishments from the day before, before hitting our to-do list. It really does encourage us...at least for a little while :)

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