S-L-O-W-L-Y ..........

they creep.

Remember those scarey ghost stories that they always told at camp????  The bad guys always s-l-o-w-l-y crept to the scene of the crime/horror story.  And then ........ I hid!!!!

Kind of like my garden this year.

My own personal horror story.

I'd be OK with the "creeping" part if I had planted a lot of perennials last year.  There is a very old saying about perennials (flowers that come back year after year).

First, they sleep.
Then, they creep.
Finally, they leap.

But I grow annuals (flowers that have a one-year life cycle).  Which means -- I want them to grow/bloom/look beautiful ......... NOW!

It is reality check time.  When I started in the business ... most flower farmers did not arrive to the farmer's markets till the first of July.  Most would have a flush of early spring blooms and then a void while waiting for the annuals to bloom.

Now with the use of high tunnels and greenhouses, more vendors arrive to the markets earlier and earlier every year.

I field grow my flowers so my beds are less protected from the ravages of Mother Nature.  Year after year, we have opened for the season around June 15th.  Last year, we were early.  The year before ... we were late.

And this year, we will be about a week late.  But can I show a peak of things to come???

Calendula is budded nicely and ready to burst into its sunny blooms.

My favorite white Sonota cosmos are starting their pretty show.

Love this clematis and its brilliant blue bell-shaped blooms.

And this is Spring Pastel yarrow ........... the pink tones always bloom first.

Dianthus and snaps have been budded.  Lilies are up and looking fantastic.

So it won't be long.

And I won't be cowering under my blankets!!!!!!!


Ginny said…
Beautiful, love seeing the happy colors. Have a great weekend, get out from under that blanket and do something fun :-).

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