Big ... really big!

Today was 10 years in the making.

Today is big.

Today ... we dance in the kitchen.

Today ... we toast with icy glasses of water.  (It's really really hot in Iowa!!)

Today ... we praise the Lord.

Today ... we fall on our knees and thank Jesus for his love.

Today ... my husband is cancer-free for 10 years.

Ten years ago ..... our world went crashing down around us with the words .... Cliff, you have lung cancer.

The next two weeks were whirlwinds as we rushed to surgeons, pulmonlogists, oncologists, radiologists.  And, on July 31st, the doctors removed one third of his lung.

We had scares.  We had miracles.  We were told he would be carrying an oxygen tank.  We were told he would be a pulmonary invalid.

But they didn't know my husband and his bull-headed German determination.

And this weekend .... he mowed an acre of yard with a 22" self-propelled push behind lawn mower. 

With 5 stents, 2 plastic eye lenses, and a 1/3 of a lung missing. 

But without an oxygen tank.

Yea ............. now that's big!


Sharon Wren said…
Yaaaay for honey and Miss Eff!
Barb said…
Happy Dance for both of you! Now, Honey.....stay inside today and drink tea with your deserve it (especially after that mowing job! wowza).
Ginny said…
Way to go. Iowa makes tough folks :O
Colleen said…
What a great milestone to hit.
colleen said…
Who ever would of thought 10 years ago on that awful day that you would be writing this post 10 years later!!! Thanks to God...miracles do happen!! CeLeBrAtE until your hearts are content
linda/Il said…
Yaaay!! Great news for you & DH. My son had malignant brain tumor & is cancer free 4 yrs. now. Every checkup is a milestone!

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