Catching up ................

It's been smokin' hot on the east coast of Iowa.

With the heat index hovering around 100 degrees, I have been hanging out in the shade .... trying to catch a breeze.  No weeding.  Lots of watering .... both on the flowers and the flower farmer!

But the weather should break later today ......... and a delightful weekend will be on the agenda.

The flowers are beginning to go into overdrive!  My favorites .... lisianthus .... have started their summer reign.

How can you not love them???

OK --- maybe when they are buried knee deep in weeds!!  That's tomorrow's project!!  There are beds of lizzies that are weed free!!!

In the heat .... I have been embroidering again.  And I have a couple of my favorite tea towels stocked back in the Summer Kitchen.

"I am a child of God" ..... makes me happy with its bright colors!

I like this retro fruit look.  I also have cherries and watermelon.

And finally .... the most popular towel I have made.  It makes everyone smile.  Including me!  This time ... I did it on a navy edged towel ... with navy, hot pink and lime green.

My friend Tracy has been at the sewing machine with some new tote bags from recycled feed bags.

And dear Julie has been painting away some new patriotic signs.

I am delighted to have a sock monkey hanging around.  Cuz every child needs a sock monkey .... don't you think???

And finally, there is a new article out about the farm that really captures the magic.  We have been fortunate to have lots of articles written about us but I have to say ..... this is my favorite EVER!!!  And I love the pic of me and my darling Honey!

Thank you, dear Leslie.

So ---- now you are caught up on all the news.

Well .... sort of.  If I told you everything ..... what would I write next week???


colleen said…
Been following your blog and so happy to see your picture and read more about your place...Now I feel like I know you :)How did you come up with the name Miss Effie?

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