Reality check!!!

Back when I started Miss Eff's  ... I would get up every morning and bake cookies to serve my guests.

I made lemonade and served it in Mason jars from doily strewn trays.

I wore dresses and pretty straw hats on Sunday and I would never weed during open hours.

It was quaint ... sweet ....vintage .... and so very Miss Eff!



I know!  Have ya seen me lately???  OMG!!  You are lucky if I am not dripping in dirt!  And the dresses??

Ha!!!!  That's a joke.

I quit baking cookies when I realized that far too many of the all-butter, real vanilla, chocolate chunk cookies were ending up on my butt!

I quit serving lemonade in Mason jars when the sink was piled mile high in jars.

I went to glass jugs with paper cups.  Then when the glass jugs broke ... I went to galvanized coolers.  And when those rusted on the inside ... I went to hard plastic dispensers.

I hauled water and ice and picked up cups as the wind tossed them around the farm.  Every day .... often, two or three times a day.

And then ..... I gave up!

I totally gave up!  No cookies ... no lemonade .... no water.

Lately ... more and more people have asked if I sell bottled water.  And I cringe.  Cuz I don't!

Selling bottled water in those awful plastic bottles is totally against everything I believe in!!

But guess what???

Bottled water is available at Miss Eff's ..... $1.00.  We will recycle the bottles.  It's the best I can do.

Wait ... I will serve it while wearing a pretty straw hat!


Deborah Niemann said…
I hear you! It's all about priorities and compromises.
How did I not discover your wonderful blog before this day?!? I've been reading, and chuckling, and nodding my head and even feeling sad and burdened along with you...and been thrilled by the beauty of your farm!

I'll be following along now - I feel as if we are neighbors or sisters (I'm a farm wife with joys AND issues, many like your own!) but just wanted to say hello and thank you for sharing an honest glimpse of farm life ;)

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