Sandford and Wife!

IF we are going to make the most out of what we have and the space granted to us, Honey and I needed to do some cleaning up!

Yep!  Honey is a good farm boy.  He knows that you just might need that piece of tin ........ someday.  Or that old piece of pipe from a clothesline can be used to repair something in the garden.

Yes ........ we have junk.

I could get all huffy - puffy about it.  But as a knitter, seamstress, embroiderer....... I have stash!  No -- I can not throw out that 10" piece of hand-spun alpaca!  And you know, I might just need that 3"x4" scrap of wool plaid. 

Monday, we parted with .....junk.

And more junk.

We actually looked a little less Ma and Pa Kettle than we have in the past!  I was totally impressed!

Off to the metal recyclers we went!

As Honey unloaded the truck .......... (I forgot my gloves and besides, I was working on getting rid of some of my stash!  Knitting, knitting, knitting!)........ I looked around at mountains of metal.

Old fridges, storm doors and piles of steel siding........... everywhere!

And suddenly ..... a truck pulls in with farm equipment!  An old hog feeder first caught my eye!  Wait!  I could use that for my chickens!  I could fill it with 2.5 years of feed!  

No .... that wouldn't be smart.  And who would have to clean out the moldy mess after 2 months??  Honey has enough to do.  ;)

But then .... I spied a 125 gallon galvanized horse trough.  Ohhhh!!!!  Herb garden!! Worm farm!! Chick enclosure!!   

The list could go on!!!!

Wait!!!!!  Don't!!!!

Oh No!! Mr. Bill!!!!!!!! 


No herb garden.  

No worm farm.  

No chick enclosure.

On the bright side, we made $57.62!


Kelly said…
I simply can't go to the dump without bringing something home with me. I see treasures all around me. It drives my husband crazy to see me hanging on the side of the dumpster with my feet swinging around while I try to reach my newest find. I'm told there's counseling for my affliction, but I don't want it. lol
Miss Effie said…
Oh -- thank you, Kelly!! I am not alone!

Love me some junk!!
Michelle said…
Love this post!
Barb said…
I must admit.....I did look closely at what you took to the dump to see if there was anything I "needed". That's the Iowa-raised-on-a-farm girl in me.

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