Customer Service ...........

I have always been an advocate of local business and local food.

But unfortunately, in the world of sewing ..... it has all gone to big box stores.  Now quilting is a different creature but for basic sewing needs..... it is the Big Boys Club in the my area.

And there lies my frustration.

The other day ... I was on a mission.

If you have never met me, I am sure you are unaware of my extremely short legs.  They may be short .... but they can move very fast!

I am not a strolling type shopper.  I go ... I get in ... I find what I need .... I pay for it .... and I leave.

On to the next thing on the to-do list.

The other day, I was in my typical hurry but I had a few minutes so I stop at Big Box fabric store for transfer paper.  The only thing in stock, locally, is a sampler pack.  Four 8"x11" sheets ... one red, yellow, blue and white .... for $9.00.

It is Senior Citizen Day ...... usually a fairly busy day at the fabric store.  They are also doing inventory.  (Which I understand and hate as much as they do!!  Been there!  Done that!)

I grabbed my transfer paper .... spoke to the store manager directly ... and stood at the register.

And stood and stood and stood.

Five employees were at the cutting table.  One came walking toward me .... looked me straight in the eye.  And without saying a word or acknowledging my existence ... turned around and walked back to the cutting table.

I stood at the register for 7 minutes.  And then, as inventory people are walking out the door, employees standing at the cutting table .......... I left the transfer paper on the counter and left.

IF they had been busy with customers ... I would have gladly waited.  IF they had said hello ...... I would have gladly waited.  IF they had said, We will be with you in a minute ....... I would have gladly waited.

But customer service has the word service for a reason.  And I didn't get served!

I went home .... and found this on line.

Twelve times the amount ... for only $6 more.  And I actually, never use the yellow and white sheets.  The red transfers better for me.  And if I order 2 rolls .... I get free shipping.  Comes right to my door.

Yep -- It is a $9 purchase that will never be made again locally.  No store will go under over my $9.  But we must be willingly to fight the "Powers that Be" to get good customer service.

And how do we do it??

 1) As small business people .... we must set the example and give, not good customer service ... but GREAT customer service.

2) Vote with your dollars .... great products, great customer service, American-made products .... get my purchase.

3) And beware, Big Box Stores!  I won't name names..... but if you ignore me, I won't be back!


Hear, hear! I feel the same exact way and even though we do self-serve at our little farm store I always pop my head in our store to MAKE SURE they don't need help. I too will wait if I can get a simple "Be right with you" but to directly ignore you ?? Bad form indeed.
Steve Mercer said…
This justifies informing corporate level management. Workers reflect their supervisor and this store needs an intensive humbleness overhaul. If corporate doen't know it....they can't fix it.

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