Glad to see you!

What a very strange wonderful year!!!!

The perfect gladiola ..... just waiting to be cut!

When I pulled out my crystal ball last fall .......the prevailing wisdom was that we would be in drought for the up-coming 2013 summer.  Predictions were for a hotter and drier summer than normal.  And after barely surviving last summer ........ I cut back my orders to flowers that I could easily keep irrigated.

I felt it was irresponsible to order seeds and plugs ..... just to have them die.

So .... I kept annuals out of our fence rows.  I limited what I planted to the main cutting bed.

Now ........ we are out of drought.  And have had a cooler than normal summer!  So re-bloom is much slower than normal.

And I don't have enough flowers to satisfy my customers' needs and wants.

Yes .... I tossed that crystal ball!!!! 

Right at the meteorologist's head!!!!

In the 12 seasons we have grown flowers ... we have never ever sold out of flowers.

Today .... we are sold out of flowers.

We will be back next week .... with beautiful zinnias and snapdragons and lisianthus.  The dahlias are getting ready to pop.  And the late sunflowers are coming along nicely.

All of the glads are gone for today ........... but I captured these images on my walk-around yesterday morning.

This mauve-lavender glad reminds me of that perfect Victorian shade of silk.  I would never had specifically order that variety but I am grateful that it came in the mix!

I have been captivated by the dark purple all season long, but next to the yellow with the orange throat .....

What a striking bouquet!

All of these flowers have found homes ......... and I hope you enjoy them.

I thank each and every one of my wonderful friends and customers for your support!!  You have been with us in good times ....... and bad.  I apologize if you don't get the flowers you want  We have never had this situation before .... and I will try not to let it happen again!  But it is part of the joys and frustrations of growing flowers, natural and sustainable.

Come and visit us.

Because we are always glad to see you.


Dan Mays said…
I don't know about your weather prediction, Cathy. (Of course, I REALLY don't know what to think about Terry Swail's predictions either!)

I was always told that the year or two following a drought was virtually guaranteed to be both considerably cooler and wetter than normal. Certainly for the past 3 or 4 droughts, this has been the case.

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