Moving on up!!

Or ........ you can't get here from there!

OK -- I am super excited!!  We are movin' on up!  Yep ... we are almost citified.

There is a hard road coming to the neighborhood!!

I will still live on gravel.  BUT there will be only 1/4 mile of gravel to get to us!  (See ... if you drive really slow .... you may not end up with any dust on that pretty shiny black car!)

OK .. so you need directions to get here!  Cuz you can't get here from there!

The road that they are closing is 275th Street ... it runs north of the farm from Long Grove to Dixon.  Most of it has been paved for decades.

275th St and the Donahue blacktop .... right past the school. 

Except for roughly a 3 mile stretch in the middle.


Right smack dab in the middle. 

Pavement.  Pavement. Pavement.

Gravel. Gravel. Gravel.

Pavement.  Pavement. Pavement.

Weird. Weird. Weird.

But I digress.

So to get to Miss Effie's .... you will want to turn on First Avenue in Donahue (Don's Pub corner) and go 1 mile east to the T-intersection.  Turn left and we are the 2nd house on the right. 

You won't get too far because this sign will greet you!!!

Currently, it is parked at the end of our lane!

And equipment is at the corner!!!!

So we are all excited!!  Yea.  Doesn't take much to thrill us!!!

Shiny new roads ..... 

As Martha would say ....... it's a good thing.

If you get lost call ...... 563- two 8 two - four 33 eight.  I'll get you here.

Cuz you can't get here from there.  ;)


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