Thursday, August 29, 2013

The shady side of life..............

Yea .... you've seen this picture before.  I know.  About 15 billion times before.

But I am trying to make a point ............ I live in an old house.

And I could make my old house look new by ripping away the window trims, putting on vinyl siding ... and eliminating the shingle trim work on the front.

But that's not me.

And I expect/want/dream about having my old house look old on the inside too.

Which leads me to my current dilemma.

I want good quality fabric spring operated roller shades.  With a little scallop on the bottom and a bit of fringe.  And to make me really happy, it would have a crochet-covered ring pull hanging from the bottom.

At this moment .... you should be able to hear the HGTV decorating divas scream out in laughter .....

You want WHAT?????

Yes ..... I wanted the same shades that your grandmother had.

And all I can find are these.

Oh .... there are different companies and fabrics but they all have .......


Seriously .... clutches!!!  Clutches belong in 1966 Mustangs!  Clutches are pretty little satin bags with rhinestone trim.

Clutches do not belong on my Victorian shades!!!

Search after search after search after store after store .......... I finally Googled old-fashioned spring roller shades.

And this is when the rainbow comes out .... the hot air balloons fill the sky .... and angels sing.

Yes .... this is decorative heaven for this old-fashioned farm girl.

They still make shades!

Cloth shades ..... with scallops  ..........

And crocheted ring pulls!!!!

sigh .............

I'm happy now!


Madailéin said...

Holy shmoly. This blog makes me happy. I love old-fashioned things. In college, they had a brand-spankin'-new dorm, and a near-100-year-old dorm. I chose to live in the wood-paneled, creaky beauty that was the older one.

Vonlipi said...

That is so cool to find just what you are looking for!

You live in an old house, you need old fashion blinds,drapes etc....