I am clearly obsessed ................ with old chairs.

I can tell you exactly when it happened. 

Christmas 1970.

My parents bought me this oil painting from a local artist and I instantly fell in love with the gentle curve of the bow back kitchen chair.


I was hooked.

And getting hooked led to the obsession.

Chairs are obviously the gateway drug to antique addiction!

I love old chairs!  An old chairs can suddenly transform even the coolest, most modern house to something cozy.  The warmth ... the feel ... can not be achieved in a new chair!

And the great thing about old chairs ........... they can be CHEAP!!!!

Which is perfect cuz so am I!!!

Which leads me to the reason that I currently have 10 chairs in my living room that have no seats.

Yes ....

I do. 

I truly do.

But today I will discuss these.

Oak chairs .... applied decorations on the backs. 

Originally they had cane seats .... pressed fiber seats were applied later to replace the cane.  And those seats were at least 70 years old.  One chair still has its fiber seat.

They are sturdy .... beautiful chairs that were purchased at Habitat for Humanity ReStore Store for ........

Drum roll, please.

$13.50 a piece!!!

(Jumping up and down in delight is happening now!!!!!!!)

Yea .... ReStore Store rocks!!!!

So Honey has started his own re-hab of the chairs.

He starts by scraping as much of the old finish off as possible.

Then he scrubs the chairs .... using denatured alcohol and steel wool to dissolve the finish.

They are then gently washed to get the residue off and they look like this!!!

Do I have to tell you which is the before and after???? 

But I will tell you to notice how the applied decoration is done.  Two chairs have right facing decorations and two chairs have left.


There is a lot of work to do on them ..... cleaning, scrubbing, and applying a new finish.  And then there is caning the new seats.

But at the moment ..... I am happy.

Cuz there are only SIX chairs in my living room without seats!!!!!

Yep ...... clearly obsessed.


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